Motor Thermal Protection

Motor thermal protection is a feature which provides thermal protection to the connected motor, supported by ANCA Motion’s AMD5x and AMD2000 servo drives. Users can set the motors thermal parameters through ANCA Motion's, MotionBench software or via the EtherCAT® master on the CNC.

I2R: Detects a build-up of residual heat in the motor that can lead to permanent damage.

Motor I2 R Overload Protection Website

I2T: Detects a sustained, unusually high, motor current over a relatively short period.

Motor I2 T Overload Protection Website

The drives can predict the temperature rise based on the thermal model and therefore helps customers to detect potential failures in their machines, e.g. motor overload, or mechanical crash. As soon as an abnormal condition is detected by the thermal model, the drive cuts off the power to the motor immediately before it overheats. By not allowing the motors to overheat, motor thermal protection reduces wear and tear on motors and subsequently the machine, reducing maintenance costs and downtime.

The drive is equipped with two key features to protect the motor from being overloaded, I2R & I2T as illustrated above.



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