Drive Controlled Moves (DCM)

Drive Controlled Moves (DCM) allow a series of moves (up to 64 trapezoidal velocity profile) to be pre-configured and commanded by different methods. DCM is supported on ANCA Motion’s AMD2000 and AMD5x servo drives.

DCM functionality enables customers to create pre-defined motion profiles in just a few steps. Each move is defined with a target position, target velocity, acceleration, deceleration, next move and the delay time before the next move.  DCM can be configured to automatically transition from one move to another for cyclic operation and more complex profiles. When the drive is operating in standalone mode without an external control unit, pre-configured DCM sequences can be triggered via a drive’s digital inputs. The DCM function also provides the ability to monitor if the axis is within an expected position range. 

DCM can be easily configured within ANCA Motion's, MotionBench software. MotionBench allows you to enter and manipulate moves in a tabular format. The DCM sequences configured can be saved to the drive or a file on their computer.

DCM can be used in various applications where pre-defined motion profiles are required. In automation applications for example, packaging or wood cutting machines where machine builders can create motion sequences tailored to their requirements and trigger the motion with either an external control unit or digital inputs when the drive operates in standalone mode.



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